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Q GamesMela Hits Early Milestones In First Month of Release

08 December, 2023, 08:00 ET

Unique Integration of In-App Purchases, Targeted Ads and G-Commerce for Free and Real Money Gamers Resonates with Inaugural Users

500,000 Registered Users and 45,000 Daily Active Users With Up to 30% Organic Traffic Achieved in First Month

MUMBAI, India and TORONTO, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - QYOU Media Inc., (TSXV: QYOU) (OTCQB: QYOUF) a company operating in India and the United States producing and distributing content created by social media stars and digital content creators, has announced that its recently launched version of casual mobile gaming app, Q GamesMela, has achieved a number of exciting early milestones in its first month of release. The app swiftly amassed an impressive month one user base with over 500,000 registered users, including hitting a Daily Active User (DAU) count surpassing 45,000. In addition, the app has witnessed a strong initial surge of organic traffic which on certain days represented up to 30% of all registrations, signaling an upward trajectory in user satisfaction and engagement. Key metrics such as average time spent per user over the first 30 days has also seen a significant rise indicating increasing community involvement.

Q GamesMela had been designed to enable robust monetization by integrating diverse strategies including in-app digital purchases, targeted advertisements, subscription models and G-commerce initiatives. Leveraging a unique "Freemium model", which combines free play with Real Money Gaming (RMG), the platform has garnered a strong level of traction, converting initial registrations at a lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) as compared to much of the competition.

Throughout December and moving into 2024, Q GamesMela will be further leveraging the strong Tier 2 and Tier 3 viewership of its parent company's broadcast and connected TV channels which are well aligned with the target demographic. In addition, the app will increase the use of gaming influencers both directly and via its owned and operated influencer agency, Chtrbox, to further acquire and retain users.

The app's built-in currency economy has swiftly emerged as a cornerstone feature, facilitating hassle-free transactions within the platform for the purchase of goods and services. Within the inaugural month of its launch, this innovative system has witnessed exponential growth, culminating in the distribution of over 30,000 rewards, ranging from everyday essentials such as toasters and microwaves to coveted items including gold coins, smartwatches, mobile phones and even cash prizes. The uptake of this in-app currency system underscores its user appeal and functionality, creating a vibrant community where users actively engage in playing games and transacting while enjoying the diverse offerings and benefits within Q GamesMela.

The Indian gaming ecosystem is witnessing a monumental upsurge with the country poised to surpass 1 billion internet users by 2025, accompanied by an estimated 820 million smartphone users within the next two years. A recent report by the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) underscores this trend, highlighting the substantial increase in the number of Indian gamers, largely attributed to the burgeoning smartphone-based internet user base.*

Of particular note is the exponential growth observed in Tier 2 & 3 cities, driven by widespread smartphone adoption, affordable data plans, and enhanced download speeds. Q GamesMela, a pioneering gaming platform, has strategically positioned itself to leverage this surge, delivering nearly 80% of its target audience in these high-growth segments, thereby driving its advantage amidst this rapid expansion.

Curt Marvis, CEO and Co-Founder, QYOU Media, commented "While it is still very early in the evolution and growth of our gaming business, it is certainly thrilling to see such a strong reception as we enter the market. We continue to move slowly and deliberately, making decisions based on the data and ensuring the reliability of that information through purposeful and repeated trial and error as we ramp up our efforts moving into 2024. We spent the last two years building an underlying ecosystem and audience following that can provide us a real advantage in our direct to consumer push and we feel more strongly than ever that this will begin to deliver real financial benefits in 2024 and beyond. Perhaps most gratifying is that users seem to love Q GamesMela!"

A testament to that most gratifying part of the engagement on the platform can be found in the heartfelt comments from Ravindra Kumar, exemplifying the potential impact of the Q GamesMela reward system. Having won a pressure cooker through gameplay, Ravindra expressed his gratitude, saying, "I couldn't fathom that playing games could grant me a utility item so useful. Affording it was a challenge, but now it eases my daily cooking chores. I aspire to win more on Q GamesMela." His testimonial echoes the platform's ability to transform gameplay into tangible, beneficial rewards, enhancing users' lives beyond entertainment.

About QYOU Media

One of the fastest growing creator-media companies, QYOU Media operates in India and the United States producing, distributing and monetizing content created by social media influencers and digital content stars. In India, under our flagship brand, The Q and on connected TV, via channels Q Kahaniyan, Q GameX, Q Comedistaan, Sadhguru TV and Bollywood Hungama we curate, produce and distribute premium content across television networks, VOD and OTT platforms, mobile phones, smart TV's and app-based platforms. In addition, QYOU has numerous additional content destinations, apps and gaming platforms engaging over 125 million Indian households weekly. Our influencer marketing company, Chtrbox, has been a pioneer in India's creator economy, leveraging data to connect brands to the right social media influencers. QGamesMela is a recently launched casual gaming business leveraging access to the large audience enjoyed by Q India products. In the United States, we power major film studios, game publishers and brands social media marketing efforts on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube via custom content creation, media and creators/influencers. Founded and created by industry veterans from Lionsgate, MTV, Disney and Sony, QYOU Media's millennial and Gen Z-focused content reaches more than one billion consumers around the world every month. Experience our work at

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