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QYOU rebranding - a complete identity refresh!

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you've already seen our new look. This blog is for those who are q-rious to peek behind the curtains on the what, why, and how of this rebrand! Over the course of the next few weeks we will be rolling out this design to the other parts of our business to ensure that we have brand uniformity across our many properties.

 Over the past few years, QYOU has grown exponentially. New acquisitions, new industry verticals, new talents, and hence, the urge to completely transform 'the Q' - you knew.

In July of 2022, Chtrbox acqui-hired a branding and social agency to set up ChtrSocial. That's what ignited the discussions of a complete transformation of QYOU's identity. ChtrSocial was engaged for this mandate and they started off with a deep dive into the brand strategy by creating a brand archetype docket. ChtrSocial is focused on helping modern brands multiply their social audiences with a creator mindset including micro-videos and personalized brand storytelling. ChtrSocial offers cost effective and scalable solutions to community building for brands - essentially powering brands to become digital creators themselves. This blog highlights the ChtrSocial process and is a great case study on why we believe in this business vertical at QYOU Media.

Once the vision was locked in, the exploration began...

With a color system as free-flowing and multi-faceted as our creator economy, typography as new-age as our content and media, and a vibe as energetic as our team, we knew we had found our new identity. With just a slight tweak in the 🔍 we were ready to go!

If you haven't yet, check the new look in action across our rewamped website!


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