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Exclusive roster of upcoming content creators of India


Chtrbox Represent

Chtrbox Represent hosts our evergrowing ecosystem of world-class creators; to serve not just growing creators, but also our brands better. Our initial collective of 60+ awesome creators represent key categories such as beauty, fashion, fitness, tech, food, dance, and more. The next evolution in influencer marketing will be more meaningful, integrated storytelling coming from deeper influencer partnerships.


We groom

Chtrbox represent is invested into grooming, transforming and upscaling the creators in their roster. Achieving stupendous growth with their assistance, the creators have been able to bring a bigger impact to their partnering brands.

We affiliate

Chtrbox Represent facilitates collaborations between their creators and some of the top global companies in India.

We get creative

With talents like their roster, Chtrbox Represent looks to offer custom solutions to brands that brings more value to both, the creators and partnering brands.

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